Who Wants a Winning Email Campaign that
Increases your Revenue?

It truly amazes me the number of people I talk to that aren’t too interested in email marketing. With the advent of Facebook, Twitter, and a million other social media sites, many think that email marketing is no longer as valid a form of marketing as their social media counterpart.

How more wrong could one be. According to a May 2011 report, 72% of all business rated their email marketing campaign’s return on investment as excellent or good. It’s clear that email marketing is here to stay, and is a very valid and necessary form of marketing. The question is… How are you engaging your customers and site visitors in your email campaign?

There is a great deal of science to a creating a winning campaign, and is far more then sending out a few emails every week, or utilizing follow-up messages.

Our team at Spontanea will work together with you to develop an advanced and effective email campaign to realize the full potential of your ROI. Here’s what we will do for you…

  • Analyze and make suggestions to improve your lead magnet
  • Develop email templates that are appealing to your target market and promotes your brand
  • Create winning content designed to persuade people to buy — both for broadcast and auto-responder series
  • Track your email statistics and report to you what’s working and what’s not and develop further plans for improvement

Contact Us now to learn more about how you can increase your sales with an effective email campaign.